Jesus said that it is better to give than receive, which is great advice, though it's worth remembering that receiving gives someone else a chance to give. Here we invite you to give of your time, money and energy, in the knowledge that you will receive back ten times as much in friendship, satisfaction and involvement.


Donating money supports our staff, stops the buildings from falling down and enables us to develop ministry and mission in the whole Benefice.


Donating time is just as important as giving money. Just offer your skills or interests and we certainly be able to find a slot for you. 


There are as many things to do as there are people in the church. Just ask. We'd love to get you involved. All that you need is a willing heart. 



There are always jobs to be done! Not only are they vital but also one of the best ways to get to know people well


Church Warden

Some of our parishes are wthout any Church Wardens and many have only one 

Lay Pastoral Assistants

Central to our pastoral ministry, a 10-week  training course sets you up to help  out

Children's workers

We're looking for extra helpers for Sunday Family Worship and Wednesday Club



Many of our parishes need new Parochial Church Council members